James Bandz - You're on Doxbin

Your dox is on Doxbin
There's a pounding in your head
Pizza sent straight to your house
S.W.A.T. team busting down your door

I just broke your fucking car
S.W.A.T. team coming from the yard
Put your dox in the fucking bin
Order dildos just for fun

Yeah, your dox got leaked
You should leave the scene
You're fucked, oh well
You just got SIM swapped
Now your shit is mine
For real (XD, L.M.A.O.)

You're on Doxbin
Yeah, there is no going back
Leave the comments, smoke a pack
Just got your bank and made a stacked

You're on Doxbin
I maxed out your credit card
Bank just called you, but it's gone
Now I'm just committing fraud

You're on Doxbin
Pretty sure I broke the law
Never said I'm gonna stop
Woah, oh-oh-oh

You're on Doxbin
You're on Doxbin
You're on Doxbin
You're on Doxbin
Uh, this is the end of the song, goodbye